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Cerqueto from Montreal

… anche per migliorare il nostro inglese!

Riflessioni di una giovane canadese –When one thinks of great cities such as Paris, New York, Dubai, Athens, Cairo, Tokyo, Shanghai, London and Rome; one thinks of history, of architecture and aesthetical beauty, of food and fashion and of course the millions of people that live there. Cerqueto is a little less known than Rio de Janeiro let’s say, but has particularities that would measure up with any major cosmopolitan city.  And it is in fact this uniqueness that not only sets Cerqueto apart from other places in the world but makes it the place it is.

So Cerqueto may not possess the same historical richness as a city like Cairo for instance but to most of us that either live here or visit, it is the place where our families originated, where our grandparents met, where our parents emigrated from, where we travel every summer/holiday.  Cerqueto is associated with our cultural roots, with the history of our families and for some, our friends as well and that, just in itself, makes it unique to us.

Okay no, there is no Parthenon or Eiffel Tower here. But Cerqueto is beautifully set on the Gran Sasso in the Parco Nazionale. The natural beauty that surrounds the town is incomparable to any building or the statue. There is simply something about the pureness of the mountains, of the trees and ponds that lures you into serenity.  The air itself is so pure that you feel like you can actually breathe as opposed to inhaling smog in the city. And why tan on the beach when the sun in Cerqueto is so strong! One can bask in it for hours and not feel a thing as a frequent light breeze somehow always appears just as the sun begins to scorch your skin.  At night, the stars shine so brightly, perhaps because we’re so close to the sky, but nonetheless a particularity not found in a city like New York for instance. The houses, the narrow cobblestone roads, the soccer field, the church and the cute dogs running around, all contribute to the charm of this little town.

In terms of nightlife, Cerqueto is no Ibiza or Mykonos. Il Circolo is the one place and only place to go in Cerqueto. Whether it’s for an ice cream, some beer, to play cards or even just to see who’s there, Il Circolo is the place to be at night. Living in Montreal, I’m used to having streets and even areas dedicated to nightlife and so Cerqueto in this respect is very different. However, because it is the only place to go, it is a really good one. Although I’ve been only a couple of times, the times that I’ve spent there were memorable ones to say the least.  Il Circolo reflects the community spirit of the town and seeing everyone you know in one place having a good time is something that you simply don’t see in clubs or bars in Montreal.

It also reveals the true charisma and appeal of Cerqueto; its people. If I said “good morning” to people I didn’t know in Montreal, they would think I was crazy. But here, you can take a walk and people you have never met will say hi, which is nice!

But life in Cerqueto is not all peaches and cream; there are some things that aren’t very pleasurable. For instance, one must be prepared to eat and eat a lot when visiting Cerqueto.  Returning to Montreal a good 15 pounds heavier is not my idea of pleasure. But in all honesty who can resist the temptation of fresh lamb, fresh tomatoes, fresh pizza…etc? Not anyone I know.

Cristina Ruscio